Monday, August 1, 2016

Deep end swimmer!

This girl passed the deep end test! My life at the pool just got a bit easier (or more stressful depending on your interpretation!)

Play dates with friends

The older girls put the younger girls to bed in the crib...everyone was quite happy with the arrangement!

Spray park play date!

Fun times with our IGC friends! 

Soccer season begins again!!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Closing Ceremony

Softball is officially D-O-N-E!! It's been a fun season, especially since the girls are on the same team. But I'm done. Ready for a break. It's been real...its been fun...its been real fun!

Happy playing with Dad...

See Jane Run

On Saturday the girls and I ran in a race called See Jane Run. I ran with Jennifer and the girls ran with Olivia. We all enjoyed our treats at the end of the race...champagne and chocolate for me and chocolate milk and Luna bars for the girls. It was Rachel Lee's first race and she ran the entire mile!! Kate was also behind Hannah (in the lead) and Olivia (second) but at the end of the race Kate kicked it in and she finished before both older girls!! YAY! So proud of her! All my girls ran hard and had a great time.